Dinner: gnocchi with chickpeas, stir-fried veg and tikka sauce

2014-05-14 21.24.25

This monstrosity was created by the boyfriend last night, when there wasn’t much time or desire to put together a decent meal. I am vehementy opposed to italian and indian flavours mixing, so needless to say I wasn’t the biggest fan, but it was filling and full of veg.

You can use anything you can find in your cupboard for a stir-fry like this, but here’s what we used:

frozen veg medley (corn, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, carrots, etc)

canned cooked chickpeas

tikka masala sauce from a jar (make sure it’s vegan, many have cream in it)


Cook the gnocci about a minute less than instructed. Stir fry the veg in a bit of oil, adding the chickpeas and the tikka vhen the veg is almost cooked. Add gnocci and stir it all for about a minute, then enjoy.

Protein per portion: 23ish grams

Price per portion: £0.90


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