Dinner: Vegan spaghetti bolognese

2014-05-19 19.43.07

I told you I was excited about that mince. As soon as I bought it I had to try it and it did not disappoint! I had it with a bolognese sauce and veg and it tasted just like the real thing. I’ not sure about the other brands of vegan mince out there, but the Tesco meat free mince gets a thumbs up from me (especially because it’s pretty cheap as well).


Fry the mince as per instructions

Add pasta sauce (I used Dolmio bolognese sauce with extra mushrooms- love mushrooms)

Add any veg you have lying about- I added peppers, carrots and more mushrooms, but a frozen vegetable mix would work well also

Add nutritional yeast

Let it all cook until the veg is done, then serve over wholewheat pasta.


Price per portion: £1.45

Protein per portion: 25 grams


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