Dinner: Mince, rice and veg tortillas

2014-05-20 22.12.26

I came home yesterday very much not looking forward to eating the leftover mince I had lurking in the fridge. What I wanted (what I always want) was some mexican food and since I had a lot of the ingredients at hand, I decided to experiment. I transformed the mince with bolognese sauce into a mince with enchilada sauce, added some rice and fried veg and baked it in tortillas. It turned out really well and I ate my leftovers like a responsible adult!


To transform leftover mince and bolognese sauce into enchilada sauce you need to experiment with the spices a bit. I added paprika, coriander, ginger and garlic, as well as some marmite and fresh passata, then warmed it up. I continued seasoning it until it tasted vaguely how I wanted it (no clue on the exact measurements I used).

In the mean time I boiled some basmati rice and fried off peppers, mushrooms, baby corn and beans in a bit of soy sauce and garlic. I added protein powder and combined it with the mince sauce when done. I piled the rice and sauce on tortillas, sprinkeled some vegan cheese on it and cut avocado over it to give it more protein. I poured some passata over the wraps and heated up the oven. I baked the tortillas in a dish for 5-10 mins, then served with lots of the guacamole.

Price per portion: £1.65

Protein per portion: 30ish grams


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