Gooey and delicious no-bake peanut butter and chocolate squares

2015-01-29 21.29.17

Well. It is safe to say that this is the worst recipe I’ve ever tried. Not because it doesn’t work or tastes horrible, but because it’s so easy and delicious, that I’ve already made it twice and eaten most of it myself. It takes maybe 20 minutes to make these and there is no baking required. I give you the recipe in the hopes that you will be able to use its power for good (and not end up cursing me at 2am when you were on your way to get some water, but somehow ended up in the fridge, wolfing down the last bits of the chocolate square remnants that were stuck to the kitchen foil you wrapped them in. Not that that’s ever happened).

Obviously for a vegan recipe, I substitute the butter for margerine and use dark chocolate. For the graham crackers, I use any old vegan biscuit I can find and blitz in a food processor. The only thing I’d note about the recipe is that the peanut butter dough is a bit too dry with the amount of oil the recipe uses, so I add a bit of warm water (or milk or oil or whatever you have handy) to the mix, so that the consistency is still very firm but loose enough to spoon into the tin.

Price: £1.20 for the entire batch

Protein: 50 g per half a batch, yay peanut butter


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