Takeaway dinner (and lunch!): fried tofu with green peppers and black bean sauce

2015-02-02 13.32.27

So, I didn’t make this, but I wish I knew how because I would make it all the time, literally every day, forever. Me and the boy had the great idea of ordering takeaway from the local chinese place and the tofu dishes are like £4, so we decided to get 4 dishes and have enough leftover for lunch. Oh boy. The portions were quite vast, so we ended up with much more food than we planned, but that’s never a problem with two hungry vegans under one roof. I mixed up the leftovers for my lunch, so I have tofu, cashews and a bunch of veg from different dishes, all smothered with the black bean sauce of joy. It’s a shame I’ve yet to find black beans in stores here, the closest I get is dried beans from the chinese supermarket, which take a day of soaking before they are fit to cook, and that ruins all of my plans, because I do not plan ahead with my cooking.

Price: £4

Protein: at a guess, 32g per big portion including the rice


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