Dinner: Chilli tofu with fried rice


I’ve had a love/hate relationship with tofu for as long as I care to remember. I want to make it work in dishes, to make it tasty and delicious, but it too often ends up as a flavorless lump of protein instead. I know, I know, it’s not the tofu’s fault! I’ve had amazing tofu at restaurants or from friends, but never had the patience to make some myself. That is, until the other days when I discovered perfect tofu by chance. This shallow fried tofu is crunchy and meaty and in all honesty I’m not sure what made it magnificent, as I’ve been making this recipe for a while. Oh well. Here’s the recipe:

Serves 4

A block of extra firm tofu, drained and cut into chunks

Soy sauce + mushroom sauce if you have it


leftover rice and veg

The drained, cut tofu should be dipped in the soy sauce/mushroom sauce mix and then coated in flour. Shallow fry it in some oil, until all sides are golden and crunchy. This may take some time, as the longer it cooks, the tastier it gets. Fry the rice and veg separately, adding seasoning as you see fit. Drape the tofu over when ready to serve and drown in chilli sauce.

Price: £.70 per portion

Protein: 15 grams per portion, with wild rice and some nutritional yeast


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