Dinner: Vegan roast, green bean casserole, mash and gravy

2015-10-11 19.32.09

You know those days when you have a lot to do and don’t really have time to lazy about? And you know how those days seem like the best time to do some experimental, time consuming cooking? Yeah. So I come across quite a few vegan thanksgiving recipes of late and have been meaning to try and make a vegan roast for a while now, so obviously I decided the best time to make this happen was on the busiest day of the week. The entire meal took me just over an hour to make, so all things considered, it was a pretty quick feast.

The recipes can be found here:



The mash was the usual boil some potatoes, mash with some soy milk and vegan margerine affair. This was my first venture into thanksgiving cooking and I have to say that the green bean casserole was my favourite. The roast was very delicious, didn’t taste like a meat substitute and made enough food to feed a small village, so I will deffinitely be making it again!

Protein: 40ish grams per portion

Price: £3.30 per portion