Adventures in veg cooking

Two things have happened recently. I’ve started eating vegan and also training lots at pole and aerial fitness. Being vegan can be difficult if you’re training most days, as your protein intake needs to stay high to prevent muscle loss (and even though I’m not an athlete, not getting enough protein in my diet is my number one fear currently, right up there with loosing all my teeth and touching poo covered rats).

SO. This blog will be my food diary as I adapt to the vegan diet, to keep all my recipes in one place and to hopefully moderate my sweets consumption. This will not be a beautiful food photography blog, nor will it be a super healthy food blog. It will not be a complete guide to what I eat.It will be an attempt to eat vegan (most of the time) recipes that fit into my busy life and also have them be cheap. I will add recipes of homemade food and a price per portion, as well as the aproximate protein content per meal. Hopefully this will help me keep track of my daily feedings and be interesting for others at the same time.

Let the adventure begin.


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