Takeaway dinner (and lunch!): fried tofu with green peppers and black bean sauce

2015-02-02 13.32.27

So, I didn’t make this, but I wish I knew how because I would make it all the time, literally every day, forever. Me and the boy had the great idea of ordering takeaway from the local chinese place and the tofu dishes are like £4, so we decided to get 4 dishes and have enough leftover for lunch. Oh boy. The portions were quite vast, so we ended up with much more food than we planned, but that’s never a problem with two hungry vegans under one roof. I mixed up the leftovers for my lunch, so I have tofu, cashews and a bunch of veg from different dishes, all smothered with the black bean sauce of joy. It’s a shame I’ve yet to find black beans in stores here, the closest I get is dried beans from the chinese supermarket, which take a day of soaking before they are fit to cook, and that ruins all of my plans, because I do not plan ahead with my cooking.

Price: £4

Protein: at a guess, 32g per big portion including the rice


Lunch: Wholewheat pasta with veg and sausages

2015-01-06 21.34.37

This is a quick lunchbox meal that I call “I came home at 10 o’clock and couldn’t face spending more than 5 minutes on making lunch for tomorrow”.

Recipe (such as it is):

Leftover wholeweat pasta

Some leftover steamed veg

2 cauldron cumberland vegetarian sausages (cooked as per instructions)

A giant dollop of hummus (I am IN LOVE with roast pepper hummus)

An appropriate amount of vegan cheese (the appropriate amount is lots)

Price: £2.10

Protein: 25 g per portion


Lunch: Falafel wrap

2014-05-28 21.52.58

I have these so many times for lunch at work, it would be statistically accurate to say that I eat these all the time. It’s healthy, delicious and full of protein!


wholewheat wrap

falafel (I love the spiced falafel I get at my local food shop)

hummus (red pepper, yum)


veg (cucumbres, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, olives, etc)

Bake the falafel, smear the wrap with hummus and mushed up avocado, cut up all the other veg and arrange it all on the wrap. Squish the baked falafel into the veg and wrap it up. SImple and delicious!


Price per portion: £1.40

Protein per portion: 17ish grams

Lunch: milkshakes and burgers

2014-05-26 13.50.162014-05-26 14.01.18

These, my friends, are chocolate and blueberry milkshakes, with a chicken royale burger with cheese and a “special” burger, made of a double “beef” patty, guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips, fried mushrooms and onions, onion rings, cheese and veg mayo. They tasted just as amazing as they look! The best place for cruelty free junk food in Manchester is V Revolution. It is my favorite place, mostly because they sell my favorite cheese, but also because they make amazing mouth watering food. Is it still junk food if none of it is bad for you? Ok, maybe there’s still lots of fat in there, but it’s good fat right? Either way, this was my treat to myself after a pretty hectic week and I’m already craving more milkshakes!


You guys, we need to talk about how much love I have for instant noodles. I know it’s probably as nutritiously barren as a piece of cardboard, but it’s my go to meal at least once a week, when I come home at half 9 and just want to collapse into bed. I almost always suplement it with a smothie with protein powder, because that totally balances it out. My fav by far is the Koka brand (which are rice noodles), not only because I get them for like 10p in the locan chinese shop, but also because they have many vegan flavours. Currently I adore the mushroom one, smothered in sweet chilli and soy sauce:

2014-05-14 21.21.07

Protein content per portion: 7 grams

Price per portion:£0.10- 0.20

Lunch: Thai green curry with leftover veg and wild rice

2014-05-07 12.44.44

I try to make my own food for lunch at work, and it’s mostly leftovers or sandwiches. This time I went for curry (with way too much rice) with leftover veg thrown in, easy and cheap. Fun fact, I don’t really like curry but I figured thai curry would be less spicy than most. Was still too spicy though! For snacks I had a banana and an apple, I like to space these out throughout the day, in case I get hungry and crave a trip to the vending machine.


Thai green curry from a jar (Tesco’s finest for me)

Leftover peppers, courgetts and corn

wild and long grain rice mix

I also added some nutritious yeast and tahini to up the protein content


Price per portion: £1.04

Protein content: 25 grams